Church association and traditions.
The Coptic Eritrean congregation in Oslo, is the first Coptic Orthodox congregation church in Oslo. The congregation was formed on 01/01/1985 and since 1985 the congregation had been given the freedom to organize its activities through several orthodox believers who settled in Norway. For a long time, the Holy Coptic Church has run its local worship service in an apartment building. The congregation is still in a growth phase, and as of today already has well over a thousand members. The Eritrean Church Association shall contribute to making the Orthodox Church more traditions and accessible to all Eritrean orthodox believers and all other interested parties. The association will serve as a contact point for the Eritrean Orthodox believers in Oslo. Read more here the church’s law, rules and adopted. This page is password protected you must be a member to read the church statutes.

The community of love.
The church should be a community for the believers who gather in unity around their heavenly Lord, Jesus Christ. Believers strive to live in holiness, not according to the laws of the brutal world, but according to God’s commandments – by remaining in mutual love. A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; As I have loved you, you will love one another. If you have love for one another, then all will see that you are my disciples. Love must connect us not only with living people today, but also with our fallen relatives, with all the holy and righteous, whose life and experience are for us.
Tradition of the Holy Tradition:
The church should be a place where the transmission of the Church’s sacred tradition and the experience of our orthodox ancestors and the whole of orthodox Christianity is preserved as in a treasury. From this treasury, it must be generously passed on – from one person to another, from one generation to the next.
We are only rich when we share with others. If we now pour from the inexhaustible treasury of the Eritrean Orthodoxy and share its benefits with others, then it does not make us poorer, but on the contrary, this serves to preserve and build our common heritage and faith community.

Why should you become a member?
For the congregation, it is important that you are registered as a member. This is because all religious communities in Norway receive state and municipal support for their activities depending on the number of members. The activities of the Eritrean Orthodox Church in Oslo also receive support through public municipal support in exactly the same way as other denominations and voluntary donations from the believers and members.

To run our business, we unfortunately also need the support of you. As of today, we are not able to run the congregation with only public support, we ask all our members to understand this. All members of the Eritrean congregation receive a membership fee once a year. Would you like to become a member of the congregation? sign up here or contact person for the association can also be reached here.

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