Why you should become a member

It’s important that you are entering as a member, because all religious communities in Norway are state and local government support for their activities. The Eritrean Orthodox Church in Oslo also receive support through public municipal support, exactly as an equal basis with other religious communities. Unfortunately, we do not run the church with only state/commune supports, we ask all our members support and voluntary donations. Any Orthodox Christian believers who live permanently in Norway wants become a member is welcome to fill in registration form. Both children and adults should join us. For you to enroll as a member of the Eritrean tewahdo St. Mary orthodox church you must fill in your full and correct personal information. Not usable or incomplete information’s may mean that you are not beside the church your entries data will be deleted immediately. Please remember registration is only allowed those who live in Norway with a valid residence permit. The church don’t accept registartion without a valid permit.

Registration form
  • Personal data
  • Address info
  • Self declaration
  • Term declaration


Your first name
Your last name
Your middle name
Enter your birthday date 6 digits.
Enter your mobile phone including your country area code.
Enter Email, your email address, your mail will not be publish online
Your marital status married or single
Please select your gender
Please enter your current age

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